Postcards for Good is an online portal or repository for institutions and organizations who want to receive postcards for a particular cause or particular beneficiaries. Likewise it will be a central online location for people to find a place to send their extra postcards or for people to send postcards for a good cause. Examples include: people in retirement communities, schools, military members, hospitals, and Ronald McDonald houses.

The foundation for this project was the postcard community developed by Frank Roche and his podcast, The Postcardist. I have collected postage stamps for over ten years and started collecting postcards so I could send my postage stamps throughout the world. After hearing Frank's podcast and hearing the wonderful stories of avid postcard collectors throughout the world, I wanted to develop a way for this thoughful and altruistic community to harness their love for postcards and for them to utilize their efforts for the benefit of others who might need it.

Our goal--Doing Good one Postcard at a Time.

Best wishes--Russ Romano



Photo: Jacob Smith Studios