Schools--Page 4

6. Mrs. Gunderson's 4th grade class is trying to collect at least one postcard from every state in the United States. Please write a random fact about your state on the postcard. They are tracking each postcard on a wall sized US map.

Please send your postcard and random fact to:

Mrs. Gunderson's 4th Grade Class
Louise White Elementary School
800 N. Prairie St.
Batavia IL 60510
7. Mrs. Schmidt's 5th grade class is trying to collect postcards from the United States. They are learning about individual cities, states and locations throughout the United States.  Please share something unique about your location--touristy type cards, map cards, famous landmarks and destinations, etc.  The class wants to present their materials in an open house at the end of May.  Mrs. Schmidt's goal is for her students to understand "that there is a bigger world than just her classroom."

Please send your postcard to:

Mrs. Jenn Schmidt
Frontier Elementary School
6691 Silverthorne Circle
Sacramento CA 95842